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  • visualizations problems

    i had a bit of a hunt around but could not find any thing that helped me out.
    my visualizations are working ok i click on the button and it pops up over my playlist. I hold the button and it loads a skin for the visualizations with just a
    few buttons on the bottom.

    now the problem is when the visualizations skin loads i
    1. have to have had the visualizations over the plalylist first
    2. have to click a button on the visualizations skin to get it to come up

    now what i would like it to do is start the visualizations when the skin loads
    no matter whether or not the visualizations is running

    this is the code for the button
    what do i need to change to get it to do what i want


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    if it's not first over the playlist, that means that VISU has not been called yet. Try adding ||VISU to the end of ".skin" and see if that makes a difference
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      thanks for the reply
      but with a bit more studying i worked it out myself