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  • Newb need help

    Hi, I have played with RR few weeks and reading this forum and faq a lot, but now I need little guidance.

    What TV receivers do you guys use? Faq is little out of date and I can't find those receivers from any shops.
    I have VoomPC-2 case so I can't use pci cards, usb is only option. I have watch two devices:
    Anysee E30
    TerraTec Cinergy T USB XXD or XXD HD
    Does anyone knows will those works with RR and Winamp TV plugin. Can you recomend either one or something else?

    Second thing is Skype. What I read there is no plugin for Skype, does anyone planning to make one?
    I tryid to add Skype to app launch and get it to work, but when I exit RR Skype window stays or glued to desktop.

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    Which TV receiver did you go with?


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      I still waiting for answer what TV receiver will work. Now I know Anysee doesn't work.