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RR + OSK + Fennec = Epic Fail

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  • RR + OSK + Fennec = Epic Fail

    RR Version: 3-1-09
    OS: Vista Ultimate 64-Bit and XP SP2
    Skin: eLite

    Fennec Version: 1.0.0a2

    Problem: Well, its not really an epic fail, just a fail. The OSK works fine with everything except the URL bar... I modded the OSK skin on eLite so it is not full screen to show the keyboard passthrough.

    I know there probably won't be alot of folks that use Fennec so there probably won't be an easy way to fix it... but I'm liking the touchscreen friendliness of this browser (so I hope Mozilla keeps support for it on desktops)....

    Any idea how to fix it?

    Any files needed are available on request

    Here's a vid, sorry about the low quality... I don't have high speed, so didn't want to spend too long uploading.