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I'm feeling stupid...I'm not..... honest!

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  • I'm feeling stupid...I'm not..... honest!

    I'm just putting together my first car pc (laptop), I'm setting up my pc before starting install.......I've downloaded RideR and it all seems to have gone ok....I can surf, watch vid, music......all good. I've yet to put any gps h/w or s/w on yet - one step at a time !! I'm also looking for a usb DAB radio dongle to get BBC etc.

    One thing I have not got working yet is mobile phone working. Do I need another piece of s/w to get my phone to work via blutooth (built in on my laptop) to RR? My phone is a nokia 6300? I see in RR config it talks about I need to install that?

    I'm in the first days of this so no doubt my learning curve will be steep.....but that's always a good thing in my book!

    thanks for reading this - and any info on how to generally configure RideR would be most welcome



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    i dont think phoco will do anything for ya, i think its too old... but im not sure

    there is some BT plugin in the plugins forum

    RR has a big learning curve, but its free... some people make it their lives tweaking it
    some people get frustrated and end up paying for CF, which is easier to setup, but costs..

    i really like the power of RR, there is almost nothing it cant do, and there are some great skinners

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      thanks for the heads-up.......RR looks very interesting.....and yeah I love the skins that are out there, you can really use your imagination. BUT I've been thinking about it and I've realised that for me to get a fully working car-pc I'll have to buy some maps even if I use RR......this will cost (to get upto date ones) a no small amount of 's - CF has just cut CF2 to $149......for me around 110..with maps! which is quite cheap if you ask me for quite a slick, out of the box working piece of s/w. So the only real thing keeping me going with RR is the skinning, I'd love to stay with it.....but when I look at total cost PLUS time and effort.....CF starts to look very appealing.....what to do???


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        RR is a great bit of software and as mitch said not much it can't do , apart from giving us a good phone app, many have tryed but they have been limited in what they can do,
        maybe 1 day a miricale will happen, but with so many different phones i may prove difficult, as for sat nav apps search the forum , you will find most are on here and not all apps are that hard to come by wink wink... i assume your this side of the pond as you mentioned pounds not dollars,

        all i will say give RR a shot you will surprise yourself, i knew nothing when i 1st started here (some will say still don't) but its all good fun and wakes the old brain up.
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          thanks for your time guys....obviously I'll need to keep digging through posts to get my answers, I'm certainley not the first noob.......and I won't be the last!