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How to make video auto hide in custom skin?

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  • How to make video auto hide in custom skin?

    I have integrated the KMPlayer in my custom skin sucessfully and can make it to full screen via SENDKEY, but no idea to make the KMPlayer come back to window mode.

    I'd like the video auto hide with built-in player & Can I make auto hide in custom skin?

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    you could try making another skin without images that has a IDLEEND event command, and place an IDLE event on the controls screen that loads this first skin when idleling. This should "Simulate" an auto-hide.
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      I understand IDLE event will be fired once skin idle time exceed defined value. But not sure when the IDLEEND will be executed. Seems that IDLEEND also need IDL definition in skin. The lower IDL value the higher chance that IDLEEND to be fired, but not everytime.

      Furthermore, mouse move into or click the KMPlayer video area will NOT exit full screen mode. IDLEEND will be fired only when mouse move into the skin area. So, I need define applicatoin area smaller than skin area to make mouse can move into skin area. How to slove this problem? thus I can define application area to full screen.

      ExecTBL.ini :
      "IDLE","LOAD;;||RUN;KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe;!winamp v1.x",
      "IDLEEND","LOAD;;||RUN;KMPlayer\KMPlayer.exe;!winamp v1.x",


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        Seems RR can not sense mouse movement in embbeded application area.

        Is it possible to make a transparent skin?


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          No, any/all screens need to have a solid background
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            Originally posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
            No, any/all screens need to have a solid background
            Look the attached screen, the winamp visualization can dispaly in skin, and the button in that area can still work. Is it possible to let video showed in such way? thus, RR should know the mouse movement.

            Or, any ideas to let video exit from full screen mode when mouse moving?


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              Got a idea!

              1) Use SKINbedder to embed the player and a image button on top left of the screen

              2)Click the button to run the autoit script in toggle mode, code like this

              $RR = ObjCreate("RoadRunner.SDK")

              $RR = ObjCreate("RoadRunner.SDK")