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probably a question someone can answer in two seconds

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  • probably a question someone can answer in two seconds

    I set up my car computer so long ago and haven't touched the configuration since, I've forgotten... well, pretty much everything. The other day, I was playing an audio file and right above the play button on the "BMW E36" skin there is the red minus or the delete button. That is actually the first time I realized you can delete files from the playlist, so I tried to delete another file by going into another menu, and as my stupidy took me, it turns out I deleted the entire play-list. The files are all still on the hard drive of the computer in C:/Audio and I tried to set the audio path and the play-list path in the RR config to that directory yet I can't get those files to show up. Also, while I was running road runner, I opened explorer to browse these files and played one of them, somehow that one file got saved onto the playlist but any others I try doing the same way will not get saved onto the playlist, very frustrating. Sorry for the long post about a stupid question, but any help would be great!
    EDIT: I also searched, and couldn't find anything. Any links to helpful threads that someone may find would be great too!

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    Can't you build the playlist again? or is it that no audio files are showing anymore? Make sure in RRconfig you have audio file types defined (mp3, wma, m3u)
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      In the road runner application, no audio files show(except that 1), but they are still on my hard drive, as for the file types, I didn't touch those, is it possible they have 'unchecked' themselves?

      EDIT: Also, here is another question. When I hit the red minus button, what actually happens other than seeing the file disappear from the list of available files to play? Does it actually get deleted or what happens exactly?


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        1-Check the audio files setting in the config -- make sure it's set to show .mp3, .wma etc
        2-The red minus allows you to remove files from the playlist -- not from the disc. This is just a basic function for playlist management.
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