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Bluesoleil Dialer Integrate w/ RR

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  • Bluesoleil Dialer Integrate w/ RR

    I have searched a few times but haven't had any answers. I know there are a lot of Bluetooth Dialers and phone connections plugins available, but is anyone working on integrating Bluesoleil Dialer into RR? I don’t know how to do this but it seems like it would be easy for some of the more experienced out there.

    The program works GREAT in Windows and all the buttons are TS friendly, I suppose the only drawback is the program cost money to buy full version. I am using the trial version and so far it is the only thing that I can get my Moto Q (Windows Mobile 6.0) to work with.

    I am able to get the program to be on top of RR (unfortunately “always”), and created a button in my skin for opening the dialer, but how do I keep the program open within RR but not always over it?

    Is that a transparency issue?
    Is it possible to just create a skin with buttons and commands for dialer?

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    i'm sure if you embed it like a gps program it should only be on top when called.
    I think you would need to create a skin to embed it into.
    I was looking at this dialler for my win mob 6.1 touch hd but haven't had the time to play yet!


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      The BS dialer embeds into RR no problem if you make a skin for it as Nygie says. Unfortunately, the BS drivers don't play well with my HTC Touch Diamond (WM6.1) and the headset profile. Not sure why as the Widcomm drivers work fine just a shame about the lack of a dialer.


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        Just use this plugin, it seems to work reasonably well.