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  • Directed HD Radio Tuning

    Hi Guys

    I have just got the Directed HD Radio installed on in my car and im having a problem tuning it with road runner to certain stations. I bought the radio from the states but i live in the UK and every time i try and tune the radio to a frequency that is a whole number for example 102.00 fm i have to do it by hand, RR will not let me select it from the preset but if i select a station that is not a whole number for example 105.4 fm RR will let me select the preset and it retunes the radio to that station it just wont let me select presets that are whole numbers. Anybody got any ideas?



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    run rr config and under the radio section select allow tuning of all frequencies.


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      i have selected that option but it still wont let me select whole number presets, if i select a a non whole number preset for example 105.4 fm then use the search buttons it will tune into the whole number stations but it just wont let me use presets for the whole number stations e.g. 102 fm


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        HD tuning is controlled by Mitch's library.. I'm unsure if there's any kind of prevention in the code against direct tuning of non-US standard frequencies (all ending in .1, .3, .5, .7 or .9) -- it could even be a hardware thing, in which case there would be not much to do about it.. I'll ask Mitch.
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          the HARDWARE is NOT made for outside of the USA
          for direct tuning it will allow say 105.4, and they is no code prevention checks in my library, make sure u do have allow all freqs

          use example (in SKINTOOL)

          it will do it

          seek will work, till it wraps then it will be back to USA freq
          BUT u can make all the presets even numbers

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