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how do you maximize gamma setting?

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  • how do you maximize gamma setting?

    I think it is done thru rrconfig in video setting... There are multiple choices to pick from... I set all to 0.. I don't think that's doing it... For some reason, it looks like it's dimming the screen when rr gets loaded..

    Also, can i go beyond maximum.... my screen is not made to use outdoor ,so viewing is just horrible during daytime..... I would rather see something ugly than not being able to see anything... you know what i mean...

    any tools, recommendation??


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    Gamma settings go from (approximately) -125 to +125 -- separate settings for Red/Green/Blue set in general.ini of the skin (or in RRConfig if not using settings in general.ini)... 0 is the default windows level, 125 is pretty much the maximum, still doesn't mean it ill help much in the sun.
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      hm.. i'll give a try.. thanks..


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        What I'm now using to get the best results, is to use a combination of the gamma (by GPS) and the dimmer on the main menu using a 4 sec idle timer to further darken the screen after 4secs of no interaction.

        Actually, completely oppsite of what your looking for but non the less, someone could find it usefull...
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          man, i wish i have your problem... so blue what setting do you recommend?