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Resizing problem with the default skin

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  • Resizing problem with the default skin

    Sorry if this is a dumb question or has been answered befor (tried searching but didn't find an answer) but when I start RR the skin goes off the right side of the monitor. There used to be a jap to the left but I managed to sort that out with -15 on the xpos in general.ini
    I've tried different resolution settings / aspect ratios for RR, the Carwings skin and the display setting but it always runs off the right

    I'm using Windows 7 on a 1.6 duel core Intel Atom and a el cheepo flip out 7" screen. I solely plan to use this with rrcam (the number of **** I see on the A14 is unreal) and gps navigation but that's a story for the projects page I guess.

    Any help would be great

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    Did you read this FAQ:

    If so, and you still can't get it to work, post your general.ini settings (the whole file) and tell us what is the resolution of your screen.
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      Thanks for the reply. I had found those options already and have tried making sure the screen res was the same as the RR page 2 setting. I'll try again lunch time making sure they are both at 800x600. If that fails I'll try making the show setting narrower.

      Messed around with the resolution settings some more and found that it didn't matter what settings I used all that did was change the screen res not the skin res. With everything set to 800x600 the carwings skin was still larger that 1024x768. In fact it almost filled the next screen res up from that. I do recall playing with some of the accessibility options / font sizes when I installed windows 7. Going to see if I can get those back to normal after work in case it's something to do with that. I'll also put the config and general.ini files up later so you guys can check if I've missed something


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        Okay sorted this out now Changed all the windows display options to normal size and the background to basic. Got rid of the -15 on the general.ini and it fit fine. Always the simplest things that bite you on the ***.