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  • RR's Commitment to the Mp3Car forums

    Following from THIS thread and many remarks/complaints/comments regarding the reminder screen and NISU's intention regarding the software, I've been asked to post this thread to try and bring some more comfort to the mp3car users.

    So I wanted to lay out a number of facts regarding the software and this new venture:
    1. There has never been any intentions to stop providing the software to the mp3car community. The software has always been free and will always remain free for the mp3car community. There's no reason to feel insecure about that -- I would personally see to providing a "nag-free" version of the software if I ever had to stop working on it, which brings me to another fact:
    2. The only reason why I now have any time to work on the software IS because of this new venture funded by NISU. In fact, I generally work MORE on the free version of the software than on the software for NISU's products. Perhaps I have been a little selfish on choosing this route than choosing to abandon the project altogether and leaving it up to the users to do any kind of further development with the software. For that I do apologize, but I still feel like the community has and will benefit more than choosing the abandonment route.
    3. There will never be a "sold" or "paid" version of the software for the mp3car community. There is just no added benefit by doing that -- not to anyone.
    4. The "Reminder Screen" was never meant to "nag", "bug" or "bother" the users in any way. The intention was to merely try to: 1-Avoid wasting time with support of older versions that are known to have more issues than the most recent versions, and 2-Give us the chance to be informed when/if the software was ever used commercially without us knowing about it. Furthermore, I never anticipated that users would be getting that reminder message with any kind of frequency (hoping that users would keep the software updated both for the sake of us providing better support and for the sake of providing the best user experience). I understand that this has upset many of you and that's why steps have been taken so that this reminder does not interfere with normal usage of the software even after the software is relatively out-of-date. UPDATE: The reminder can be disabled on versions 12/01/09 and older, more information HERE
    5. There are no mp3car users "hired" or "employed" by NISU for working on the software. The few users who provide the most amount of contributions both with support and/or improvements to the software do that out of their own free will to help the mp3car community. If this alone isn't a good reason for the the community to be respectful and appreciative of the work being done by these few users, I do not know what would be.
    6. Contributions to the software are still always welcome. We currently discourage altering/adding features on the main core of RR -- it just has become incredibly time consuming to manage changes from many users at once. Instead, we recommend using extension plug ins (or any of the interfaces provided) to modify/add features to the software. Furthermore, there are plans to split up some of the core code of the software into extension plug ins, such as it has been done with the audio player interface. This prevents the core code from being bloated with a lot of code that ends up not being used based on the options setup by the users. Still if you feel like you have enough knowledge and will to work/improve on the core code, feel free to contact me about obtaining access to the latest source code.
    So what can you get from RR and at what cost ?

    Well, don't be fooled: the software is FREE, but you will most likely spend time, patience and even money to get everything in your carpc to work the way you want it to work. If you're not willing to spend at least your time and/or patience, then I'd strongly suggest you to buy an out-of-the box solution -- if not a hardware all ready to use, then at least a commercial front end which will be all configured and ready to use (despite of being more limited on its configuration). However, if you are like most of us, which is doing this for the pleasure of making it work and have it customized and personalized exactly the way you want it, then this is just the thing for you. We (NISU and existing mp3car community) stand to providing you the means to have a fully-featured and very flexible software to manage your automotive entertainment needs. While we welcome and appreciate any kind of contributions, the only thing we would like in return is that you have a little patience and respect towards our work.

    Thank you for your support,
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

    "Being happy is not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have."
    "The best things in life are always free - but that doesn't mean money can't buy you good things."