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Mapping mismatch between slider(S) and style(Y)

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  • Mapping mismatch between slider(S) and style(Y)

    There are twelve sliders in my skin. So I use S01-S12 with sytle Y01-Y12, then the skin show the wrong style for some sliders. What is the mapping rule between sliders and the style?

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    There has always been a slight limitation with the styles feature. In order to avoid confusion I would recommend placing ALL Y definitions in order from Y00 to Y11 and make sure your sliders style parameter for each slider match the desired style defined (the 10th parameter of the slider definition). If you still have trouble after that, post your .skin file and I'll take a look at it.
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      Fixed the problem, it is my code error. The relation is between Yxx and the Style parameter in slider NOT Yxx-Sxx

      S, x, y, w, h, x1, y1, w1, h1, O, Style, Pointer file path, h2, Code;SLIDERCODES, Tooltip

      Furthermore, xx should start from 01 not 00. I tried Y00-Y11 and it got problem, but Y01-Y12 works fine.