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Distortion Switching From HD Radio to Music

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  • Distortion Switching From HD Radio to Music


    I'm looking for some help. In RR, my music plays fine and clear. When I switch to the HD Radio in the DFX4 skin, the radio also plays clear, but when I switch back from the radio to music, the sound of the music is distorted. If I switch back to the radio, now that sound is distorted also. The only way I can get clarity again is to close RR and open it again.

    I'm thinking the problem lies in RR somewhere because I have closed RR and ran winamp standalone then ran Mitch's PCR program, then ran them together and have not encountered this problem. I don't believe it's a skin problem as I've tried this in the Carwings skin and gotten this problem also.

    I'm currently using a USB Sound Blaster Live! External device. I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers for the sound card and I have the latest RR installed. I've changed the winamp output back and forth between wave out and directsound and that didn't fix it. It's worked fine in the past. Unfortunately, I have not used the HD Radio at all during recent RR upgrades so I do not know if this started to occur during any one particular upgrade. So, now I'm trying to get some direction from the experts .

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    SOUNDS LIke something is touching a volume setting...

    you provide so little information on how rr is managing your audio
    its so hard to help you

    ie. post rr.ini, debug.txt from a session

    using line in plugin? things like that... i also think there is a voltable.ini
    or maybe u got eqpresets loading when u change sources....

    DX4 is a massive skin, has lots of stuff... and switching to carwings, maynot completely help... specailly if dx4 is still installing HDRadio comm... which is a no no

    i would
    UNINSTALL RR (no user config will be lost)
    then REINSTALL RideRunner June 2009
    then, run rrconfig, set skin to carwings...
    (also make sure nothing funky in the root exectbl.ini)

    and try that

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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