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Auto Day/Night skin switching and RideRunner

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  • Auto Day/Night skin switching and RideRunner

    I have my carpc setup for the past few years and it's been running smoothly.
    I version of RR that is currently in the carpc is the last version before the pop-up warning was introduced into roadrunner.
    Seeing that everybody is updating to the new riderunner I though that I should jump on the wagon and update my system as well.

    Anyway I tried it out on my home pc and everything works as it should, as far as I know. The only thing that is not working for me is the auto day/night skin changer.
    I enabled the auto skin changer (top selection) via the RRconfig utility and set the skin change times as follows:
    day start time =12:50
    night start time =12:54

    Using the above settings should permit RR to auto change the skin.
    The problem is that it does not change.
    Does anyone have auto day/night skin change working in the latest version ?
    Any help would be great
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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    I just tested this and it is working.. in fact, it is the same now as it was for the Nov/Dec 08 releases.

    The Skin change times have been linked with the gamma times for quite awhile now.. so you must use a built in gamma mode in order to use auto-skin switch -- you can however leave the gamma settings to where the day and night gamma are the same (basically disabling gamma changes).

    The other thing to notice is that in RRConfig, the NIGHT setting is ON TOP of the DAY setting, and that the NIGHT START TIME should be LATER in the day than the DAY START TIME (for obvious reasons). If it's backwards, then it's never going to switch skins (and likely will always use the night skin).

    The settings you showed seem to be ok, but I advise to review your gamma settings, and possibly verify in RR.INI that the day/night settings are set as intended. The only other catch is to be sure the day/night time are at least 2 minutes apart (to ensure RR has enough time to switch in between the given times).
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      OK got it running, I had to set both dimmer and skin change to auto.

      Thanks guino
      The road is long but we are getting there.