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Can i embed RRConfig?

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  • Can i embed RRConfig?


    i had embedded RRConfig in my Skin- that function perfect.

    But if I change an attitude in the embedded RRConfig, for example set a other skin, it would not use the new setting, after the next Riderunner Start.
    I look into RR.ini, there are the new setting, but this would be ignored by the new starting Riderunner.

    Whats this?

    The new setting would saved and correct used, after i open RRConfig alone, and click only "Save & Exit".

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    RR resumes the last used skin on the next startup -- this is saved to resume.ini... when changing skins in RRConfig it erases resume.ini so that the new choice is used on the next startup of RR. When you change the setting in RRConfig while RR is running, everything happens the same, but when exiting RR a new resume.ini will be created with your current skin, which means it will resume that skin (and ignore what's in rr.ini). Basically, you'd have to delete resume.ini before re-starting RR and for it to work. Otherwise the alternative is to use the skin browser or the setskin command to switch to the new skin while RR is running.
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