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  • Gamma

    Im trying to find out if it is possible to adjust the gamma of an embedded app.
    I use igo8 embedded in RR with the FU skin and i find the maps too bright at night,i use the 3 step gamma control and if i turn it down to the lowest step the maps are good but the skin is too dark for my liking,so can anyone tell me if it is possible to alter the gamma in the embedded window only?

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    Unfortunately the answer is no. Gamma controls the entire screen brightness, and there is no way to set different gamma levels on different area's of the screen.

    I have not used iGo8, but is there not a day and night setting right in the program?

    EDIT: I just found this with a Google search, not too sure if it will help or not:

    "Every device has it's own values for min and max brightness. Open your folder and find settings for your device and rewrite them (the power section) to your sys.txt or set info names and device in sys.txt."
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      You can use the SETGAMMA command to adjust the gamma level while on that screen, then use it again when leaving the screen. You can also try to enable the DIMMER function of RR while in that screen.
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