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    Thanks to those who got me organized with my gamma problem.
    my new problem: I have just started using latest RR (have always used an early version,2008),am having a problem with the sound not switching from radio,silabs,to music.If i start RR with radio its fine but if i switch to mp3 no sound,i have to close RR and restart with mp3, vice-versa if i start with mp3 And switch to radio no sound ,have to restart.i have turned on the line in plugin(i assume it is loaded with RR)doesnt make any difference.Is there any way to lock the standard windows volume control,that would be a good start, eliminate one of the many controls that can change/mute volume,ie winamp,windows, frontend,motherboard drivers all can change vol. Maybe a seperate sound card would help,one more thing to muck up the volume/mute
    I have the dual core atom board and use FU skin.

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    You may want to check your "Line used for Radio audio" setting -- put it to DISABLED (since you're using Silabs).
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