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  • problem with imageviewer

    I'm having trouble displaying the image files names in imageviewer. When I open up image viewer I can see the directory list that contains the directories found in my photo path. When I enter a directory I cannot see the image file names (photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg...e.t.c). If I click on the view text then the images are displayed and if I press "s" for slideshow they are displayed one after the other.
    Is it like this (not to show the file name) or am I doing something wrong?
    I have the latest RR install and the problem is the same with imageviewer embedded into RR or as a standalone program
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    If you're using GabePage's Imageviewer (2006), that is correct, it does not show individual file names, just folders and the images.

    RR has built-in picture viewer support for JPG/BMP/GIF and PNG files -- it does show a list of folders and files, just requires making a skin. The Imageviewer from GabePage has better zoom features though.
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      Thanks for the reply Guino. Actually I'm trying to use the built-in picture viewer. If I use an old RoadRunner install then I can see the photo file names. In my new RideRunner install I cannot see the directory and photo file names. The skin that is used in both installs is the same. In fact if I replace roadrunner.exe in the new riderunner install with roadrunner.exe for an old install then when I run riderunner the files show up correctly.
      This is really weird. Any ideas as to why it is doing this ?
      The road is long but we are getting there.