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Volume control and ASIO sound card in RR

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  • Volume control and ASIO sound card in RR

    Hi guys

    I bought a new USB sound card see:

    I thought I had it all working well until I tried using my GPS and the volume went to 100% and nearly blasted me out of the cab. On closer investigation, I realised that he problem is the ASIO drivers do not have a master volume control. I see Foobar and Winamp have an ASIO plugin which I will have a play with tomorrow but are there any pointers on which volume control RR should be configured to control?

    There is also a switch on the unit which disables the ASIO drivers and leaves everything with the standard Windows drivers So I might play with that as well... Too late at night here...Maybe that might restore the master voume control in the mixer...
    2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

    OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR:

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    no need for asio drivers in a carpc...
    go with std wdm drivers

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      Thanks Mitch but still no Master Volume Control, so it's not such a good one for a Car PC. Shows up as USB speakers
      2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

      OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR:


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        as quino(the rr mastermind )so kindly pointed out to me before, rr uses the master volume controler in the taskbar to control the volume, and if it isn't there, it wont control the device(the problem i had).

        asio was originally devloped for the music industry as a way to modify the audio signal in real time, and transmit it to a live audience.

        for most of us, we are using asio drivers as a way to modify the audio signal while it is still in the digital domain, to preserve teh signal. becasue we are not dealing w/ live sound, latency is not as important.

        the vst hosts that use asio require a asio driver for both the input and output, but at least some(console) allow for only one asio device (for both input and output). this makes any asio sound card driver useless(only output).

        almost everyone here that is interested in processing the audio uses virtual audio cable, or asio4all, and a vst host. some use only asio4all, and a vsthost, others use all 3.

        if this is all greek to you, you are going to have alot of research ahead of you.

        if you understand it all, you are welcome to tell me where to go
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          asio4all will do, set the gps volume with wave in rr, then map the master volume control. winamp volume wont work.