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Winamp not saving my EQ

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  • Winamp not saving my EQ

    Am I missing some setting in RR to make it save me EQ setup. Everytime I restart RR I have to go back in and adjust everything along with my line in volume for my XM it keeps going all the way back down and I have to turn it back up. My skin I am using is Simplistique and it doesnt have anything like a save EQ button.

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    FIRST: Make sure you're not using winamp LITE or you could get some weird issues. Other than that, RR doesn't change/save EQ settings -- just shows what's on winamp, so you should run winamp alone (no RR) and see if whatever you set stays when closing and re-opening it -- if not, then you need to see what's causing it to loose its settings, maybe remove and re-install it. For your XM volume, how do you get the XM audio in ? through an audio line ? If so, you may want to check the map master volume in RRConfig -- set it to MASTER. Also try changing the output plugin in winamp between directshow and waveout to see if it helps.
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