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Noobie-1st Install-Few basic questions

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  • Noobie-1st Install-Few basic questions

    I've been lurking for sometime and this is my first post. Just wanted to say this is a great forum. Anyway, I just downloaded and successfully installed the new version of Roadrunner. Don't think I could have done it without the installer package, kudos to the developer (forget the user). I've searched and haven't found the info I am looking for, I am using the default Carwings skin, no gps program yet.
    #1) Regarding the installer, is there any documentation explaining the Config options? Most of it is self explanatory, but a new member to the community would really, really benefit from something like this.
    #2) Carwings skin-Icons/Symbols-I can't figure out what a few of the icons are for, maybe I don't have certain options (like gps) which prevents them from doing anything when I click on them. Could someone enlighten me on these: On the opening screen, just left of the Exit button, the two icons which are a globe and an "X" looking symbol.
    Same screen, bottom menu, the icon between the tools and the mute, it is two lines crossing each other ending in arrows.
    And lastly, When I go into the "Pictures" menu item, I have an outline of an empty box, which if I click on it, blacks out the whole RR window. I have set the correct pic path in the Config utility, C:\pics\, just a test directory, but none of the pics (all jpegs) are visible.
    God, I hate posting newbie questions, drives me nuts when I can't figure something out, so thanks in advance for helping me out.

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    the lines crossing, depending where u are, i think is repeat, ur best bet is
    to see what command it spits out, use skintool, to monitor live commands

    which option in installer? do u need explaining....

    one thing we do lack is good documentation... but this isnt for the WEAK

    hmm, on the pictures.... will have to look, the black is where it would be shown full screen, but ur not seeing a list of image files

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      Nope, no list of image files. I tried pointing to another directory, same result, even tried adding a specific file name, same result. Thought I would get the "open folder" icon at the top like I do if I look in the "Music" menu option. I am also getting the same image for all of the music files, and this image is not in my music path, I'm still searching to find out where this image is on my computer to try and figure out why it is pulling it from there. I kind of remember seeing a type of hierarchy layout for pulling album and text art images in another post...
      As for the config options, some I have figured out by turning on and off and seeing what effect it has, some others I will have to google to see what they even mean, and I'll see what I end up with. I agree with the lack of documentation, didn't expect it to be easy, but hopefully very satisfying in the end. I imagine the community would get a lot more users with better documentation, pretty hard to get started as a newbie. I can usually figure a lot of this stuff out by looking at the code examples, and just changing one thing at a time, etc., just takes a lot of time, which probably scares off a lot of people.


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        I believe we found a small glitch on the picture viewer of 7-1.. for now, if you'd like to fix it (before the 8-1 release), please open your exectbl.ini (rr's path) and add the following line (anywhere):

        Let me know if that doesn't work.
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          oh boy, PLEASE excuse the noobie, just want to make sure I do it correctly: go to my RideRunner directory, open file named rr, in notepad add your line of code exactly as you wrote it, save file.

          OK, everybody stop laughing, I'm doing enough of that myself. The fix works when I put it in the correct file.


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            I realized that's not correct file, just buy looking at your code. I added it to the correct file, like you told me, and it works now, I see my single test pic. Only issue I still see is that this same pic appears on the opening screen, right side, below the music track info. Same if I go into Music and choose a song. Isn't this where the Album Cover File shows? My music and pics are in different files, so i don't know why it is pulling this pic.


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              well...really that line should go in the skins Exectbl.ini file (RR Root\Skins\Carwings Dynamic Lite\Exectbl.ini)

              Anywhere in the file will do for that cmd.
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                I thought about that too. I also figured out what the other icons in the skin were for that I had a question about, just opened skin in the Skin Editor and went from there. Watch out, I'm on a roll Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate it.