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Issues with iGuidance 4.0 and using the codes GPSSPD and GPSALT

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  • Issues with iGuidance 4.0 and using the codes GPSSPD and GPSALT

    iGuidance works fine, but today I found out that I can set the GPS port (com 3 in this case) in the RR config and then use labels for GPSSPD and GPSALT on my main screen so I can see my speed an altitude without going to my GPS screen...however when I have that com port set to 3, iGuidance stops working. It's almost as if I can only poll the GPS receiver from iGuidance or the labels on the screen, but not both.

    Is this a bug or is there a way to get both to work? I like having the speed/alt on the main menu screen but obviously the iGuidance app is much more important.

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    You need to install xPort, search for it on the forum. Split your com3 (input) to 4 and 5 (output). Set iGuidance to com4 and RR to com5.


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        Well, xport works GREAT, however now my date keeps changing. Last night it said 2019, and then after restarting, it came back up with 8/08/2020. I tried to manually change it in windows but it appears to be written from something else.


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          Config, turn off GPS date/time setting
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            OR you can try to check/uncheck the date format setting -- both are in RRConfig
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              I really thought I had those disabled. I guess I should double check before assuming something is FUBAR.