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2 Sound Cards....question

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  • 2 Sound Cards....question

    I've got two sound cards in my system, onboard audio is the default and a USB ebay special is my second card. I want to use the onboard audio for any sound running through my car speakers (mp3, nav, etc). The usb sound is to be used to channel sound directly to the rear headrest speakers (or headsets) for movie viewing without affecting mp3 playback.

    I've got the setup just about working except for one little pain in the a$$. When I configure MPC (which I'm using to play the videos in the headrests) to use the USB sound card, it only retains that setting until I close the player. When I open it again, the audio output is set to the "System Default" setting. The mplayerc.ini file has the correct value (USB Audio), but the player chooses the system default instead. If I make the output my onboard audio, then MPC retains that setting no matter how many times I open/close the app.

    Any idea why the MPC won't retain my USB sound card as the output?

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    Issue resolved....for whatever reason, MPC would not retain my sound card setting unless I unchecked the "Save to ini" option. Not sure why, but by having this option unchecked, MPC worked properly.