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  • Music Player Setup Question

    What exactly does the "Player App:" selection menu do in the music player setup options? Does it mean RR uses WMP to play music instead of Winamp? The only reason I care is because I rate my music and I keep it on a portable HDD that I transfer between my car and home PC. WMP stores the song rating in the ID3 tag where as Winamp stores it in a database file. With a globally stored rating system I can copy music to wherever and not have to worry about re-rating it. It also sucks to have one file get corrupted and lose all you song ratings (the reason I stopped using Winamp).

    So, is it possible to make a skin or plugin to use WMP ratings? I tried rating songs with the DFX and LSX Void skins with WMP as the player app, but it didn't modify the music file so I assume those skins are written to only use the Winamp method. I use Streetdeck right now only because it uses WMP as its media player. I find RR to be a much more flexible FE with way more features than SD (not to mention it's free! ), BUT the fact it exclusively used Winamp (until recently) was a deal breaker for me. After seeing the option to use WMP, I might switch to RR if I can find/make a skin to rate songs through WMP. Thanks.