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winamp.dll being used from old RoadRunner install

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  • winamp.dll being used from old RoadRunner install

    I'm updating a development machine to Ride Runner but left the Road Runner install in-place.

    I installed the RideRunner 7-1 version and everything is running fine.

    I decided to remove Road Runner but instead of an uninstall I simply changed the Road Runner directory name.

    After than when I ran Ride Runner, winamp didn't work.

    I renamed the Road Runner directory back, and all was well again.

    After some experimentation renaming files in the RoadRunner directory, I found that if I renamed winamp.dll, winamp in Ride Runner didn't work.

    I'd rather not have both systems on the machine and wish to move completely to Ride Runner.

    What is the prefered way to resolve this issue?


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    You should also have a winamp.dll in the new RideRunner directory (Or in the Plugins sub folder). It is probably just a conflict with the same dll being registered in 2 different places.

    Make sure you have a Winamp.dll in the RideRunner folder or in the plugins folder then simply register the DLL in the RideRunner directory. It's also best if you unregister the old Road Runner folder DLL before deleting that directory just to keep things neat and tidy under the hood.

    I have attached a .rar'd windows registry tweak below. Unrar, then just double click to add it to the registry. This enables registering a dll by simply double clicking on it, or by right clicking on it and choosing register or unregister from the context menu.
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      Do NOT copy the winamp.dll from the old RoadRunner install. Unregister it and delete/move the RoadRunner to another location. Many things have been undated in the dll code since then and will not work with the new sw. After doing the removal of the old sw, you might also want to run the flash,cleanup apps found posted in the stickies to get you as clean as possible before installing the new sw.
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        Yea, that was a mistake on my part, as the new .dll has changed a lot. I edited my post 2 back to reflect the correct information.
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          All fixed! Many thanks.

          I found winamp.dll in the RideRunner\AudPlayers directory and it was also registered.

          A suggestion: In the RideRunner installer ask if RoadRunner is to be removed and if so, backup appropriate .ini files, uninstall RoadRunner, run the noted cleanup processes, and install RideRunner.

          Then dummies like me won't be asking questions like this one.



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            most "Road Runner" installs arnt really installed, and there is no real way to clean it up
            u could have, renamed the dir riderunner, and installed...

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