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Winamp line in problems

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  • Winamp line in problems

    Here's the setup:
    WinAmp v5.56 but I've tried a lot of them even the v2.3
    Vista 32 bit
    Latest RR
    Creative External USB Soundcard

    Problem is that when I just install RR and Winamp, I can hear everything fine but the EQ and preamp volume doesn't work in Winamp. And this is when I set them from WinAmp or RR.

    Now if I install the line in plugin then the EQ works. But then I get a horrible echo like everything is being played twice with a one second interval between them.

    I have the plugin line checked in RR config and I have everything setup like I have it setup on my other Car PC but this one isn't working right.

    Any ideas?
    My 2007 Yukon XL setup.

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    remember when using the linein plug in, you need to have your playback side of the mixer line-in muted!!!!

    and rr.ini no linein is used... ie xmlinein=0
    when using line in plugin

    typically there is 2 sides to a pc audio system, the playback and the record
    seems alot of people get confused

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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