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Song info doesn't display properly

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  • Song info doesn't display properly

    No matter what skin I'm using, I cannot get Road Runner to display the song info (Artist/Song) correctly.

    In Carwings it shows the song name under both Album & Song, and when I use DigitalFX4.0 it shows the song name only under the Artist heading.

    I've tried almost everything in the RR config app... turning on ID tags, turning them off...

    I don't know what else to do.

    I've also tried this on 3 different computers with the same results.

    Last computer I tried it on I'm using the latest version of RR with Winamp 5.13 (as recommended by DigitalFX4).

    And insight to this would be great!

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    what version are the ID3 tags? try using an ID3 program to convert them to a different version and see if it helps


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      Some are V1, others are V2.... Doesn't seem to make a difference.


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        could also be how winamp is supplying tags... u can control it in winamp...
        should attach your RR.ini when you need help on a topic like this

        "Did you test it in carwings??"

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          thanks, but I actually got my answer from this thread: