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Lost radio with RR

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  • Lost radio with RR

    Hi everyone,
    I have just changed my front end to RR (Elite Lite). Everything seems to be running well except that I cant get the FM radio to work.

    I am running an infill G4 pc which has a tuner built in.

    Up to now I have been running the Infill front end that came with the unit and I got FM radio perfectly. It even powered up the electric aerial when radio selected.

    After installing RR I have tried all the radio settings in RRConfig but get nothing.

    Is there a plugin required or have I not set the config properly?

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    The reason that it was working was b/c the SW was tailored to the units built-in HW. The only way this would work would be for say mitch to see if he could find out what radio turner it was using, but even then w/o the HW to test with especially with something like this, is extremely difficult.
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      i have a Infilg4 Radio Module coded for RR
      the radio is very very limited at best... but i did code one up
      PM me

      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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