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  • Pass address through plugin to Nav

    Does anyone know how a plugin could be developed that would pass either address, or lat / long to the nav component of this frontend. The plugin would be part winsock based, in that i have a server like software running which monitors the fire brigade pager system, which i am a part of. And when it detects the prefix for my brigade, and that it is a call, it will geocode the address, and pass it all through in xml format to any connected clients.

    What i would like to do, is have it so that when my carputer (laptop) is connected to the network, and gets the broadcast message, i would like the plugin to either take the address, or geocoded lat / long passed from the server, and put it into nav and start nav. So when i get into the car its ready to go, with the route planned, etc...

    This is specific to RR this post, nor CF. In addition this is a concept system and secondary, so i am aware that the frontends are not always stable, and this would not be used as a primary system. I have my own pager and melways for that, but it would be great to get it working so the address could be passed through to nav, and nav started. And for others this might be useful in passing across addresses for peoples appointment in outlook calander etc.