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Have you RideRunner ALL basic functions working???

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  • Have you RideRunner ALL basic functions working???

    Is there someone, them works RideRunner with ALL basic functions right? In first line in Europe !!! Like this:

    - Radio FM & RDS (not satellite radio and other America only solutions pls)
    - Navi (full EU maps - East Side too, pls)
    - Phone (yesss, i had success, it works with new .NET plugin)
    - MP3 player

    - DVD player (may be Video player too)
    - TV (not important, but nice)


    I mean, for me are important the first 4 functions, the first 2 very important. Is there someone with working RR with this functions? But please, European versions too, because, iGuidance and others are unusable in EUrope. If yes - tell us pls, how you have been set up the RR with all this.

    Because we - me and my friends, have exreme problems to set up radio, tv and so far.
    Phone is working now, navi, like Navigator8 seems to be ok too, but not for 100% by switching between applications. We like to use RR, but in each installation, in each skin is something, what is do not working right. It is not important for us, what for logo is on the screen, what skin is it, what color, ... and so far. Only right working RideRunner is our heart thing.

    Thank you,

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    everything you have mentioned you can have working in rr, the info is about the forum , but not just this bit of the forum.

    tv yes can be used and work in Europe , depends on the card or stick , there is a stickey in this bit of the forum about setting tv up. i have used Wintv usb stick with digital channels and works fine. Well the last time i tryed it anyway.

    Radio , you could use silabs or get yourself a HD tuner from the states , the anologue side will work like a charm for you.

    Sat nav again many chioces, Garmin , IGO

    mp3 player , this is your choice RR supports many of the major players , Winamp , Window Media Player , Foobar, all mentioned in the stickeys. just select which 1 you want to use in the rrconfig.

    This is also the same for DVD / Video players

    As for the skins as you may of noticed there are a fair few to try , all of them will do the basics you require, except sat nav , not all are set for all of them. every skin has many other functions to them some are huge fully functional skins some just with the basics.

    Basic answer yes everything you want can be setup and work . its a matter of search the forums for the info you require.

    I would start with the faq'q and stickeys here in this bit of the forum. for satnav go to GPS section on front page of this forum. all you answers are there.
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      Test hardware for radio now, have problems with sensitivity and selectivity of radio (card, or stick). To much noise, intermodulation and so far. Will hope to find a realy good FM tuner.



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        Here's what I have so far (in the UK);

        Skin - Simplistique. Looks nice and is easy to mod to your needs. A good choice for beginners I think.
        Radio - Silabs FM tuner connected to a boosted roof aerial. Seems to work quite well. It gets lots of RDS data but I don't think TA actually works yet, at least it doesn't for me.
        Phone - .net plugin as you say works really well and the echo cancellation in the Realtek audio device works well too.
        Satnav - I'm testing Navmii at the moment and is a really nice program made especially for PCs. It not free though but is nicer to use than iGO. I have a BU-353 GPS receiver that is good too.
        MP3 and Video - Very easy as RR has native support. Simplistique skin is easy to navigate.

        If you want to try the simplistique skin I can send you my copy that includes a skin for, a modified radio player skin for silabs and an external GPS application skin.

        Navmii is here but doesn't have Europe maps yet, the website says coming soon -

        Hope that helps.


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          a TA from the tuner, in and of itself wont do anything... its up to the skin coder
          if you enable TA, you would get "ONRDSTASTART" & "ONRDSTAEND"

          "Did you test it in carwings??"

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            Have you link for buy this Silabs tuner? How type it is? Have PayPal and Visa, so it may be no problem for me, to order it.

            Have you tested radio with the newest ver. of RR ??? For me do not works the installer, i cannot set and save Radio as setting.



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              Originally posted by mitchjs View Post
              a TA from the tuner, in and of itself wont do anything... its up to the skin coder
              if you enable TA, you would get "ONRDSTASTART" & "ONRDSTAEND"
              Sorry mitch, you may have to spoon feed me a little here. I've added to my radio player skin, a button for TA with the command "TA" and an indicator with the same command which comes on and off with the button so that appears fine. But, it never finds a TA and I've also added an indicator for TP which doesn't appear to work even when I know that I am on a station during a TA? Also, I'm getting lots of RDS data for stations so that seems fine. Where am I going wrong?


              Edit; just noticed in the docs that the commands have been changed to RDS_TA and RDS_TP so I'll try those.

              Originally posted by ferika View Post
              Have you link for buy this Silabs tuner? How type it is? Have PayPal and Visa, so it may be no problem for me, to order it.

              Have you tested radio with the newest ver. of RR ??? For me do not works the installer, i cannot set and save Radio as setting.

              I got mine from here;


              Working fine in newest RR for me.


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                OK, Silabs radi USB is ordered now, will be tested later.

                Radio on Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1100 (resp. 1110 say the label on this card) under RR install from last week is not working. HD radio, WinTV, WinTV7, WinAmp radio plugin - nothing will be work. Will be tested again, but later.


                I think, i am much better for hardware, then software evaluation, so i do in this time more things to evaluate and test - from the hardware side.
                I have ordered radio PCB with all needed IC's, resistror, filters and so far, for a synthetised FM tuner with I2C control bus.
                MY QUESTION - to integrate and controll it from RoadRunner, what of interface will be better to have - is I2C adapter acceptable, or RS232, or CAN-BUS interface will be easier to work? Is no problem for me to made a little microcontroller board with other simple interface (i think, on my motherboard for RR is a RS232 free), that will be have simple commands to control the radio on I2C bus and read the values, that are comming from.


                For tests the Silab and Hauppauge radio in locations with too poor signal strength i have now ordered low noise 20dB preamplifier for FM band with very best linearity to made good signal quality for noissy signals near strong FM stations. The supply voltage is 8-24V, so i can use it in the car without any change.


                I give here the results next, so soon as possibble.



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                  Serial will probably be the easiest for you.. The best way to code it is to make a radio plugin (which is basically an extension plugin), but you can also make your own control application and have buttons in RR to run/control it however you'd like to do it. If your radio hardware (whatever it is that you're building) is simple, inexpensive and works well, I'm sure there would be a lot of people wanting to try/use it as an alternative radio tuner.
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                    Thx. At time i have already PCB and all what i need to sold on it together, this is not a problem. As next i must look for I2C interface on PC, to eval. the steering code. Then do the PCB microcontroller. This last may be easy, becuse i does many boards with Dallas highspeed versions of 8051 cpu. They are programmable via RS232 port hhru simply WinXP programm. Must only tune one of my project in PCB editor and send to layout producer in Germany. Hope to made is quickly.



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                      If you're that good with electronics, all you need to do is improve the signal on the silabs tuner and we'll have the perfect solution.


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                        I wish to go on more parallel ways. Together got a FM preamplifier with 0,3 noise factor, 20dB amplifiing and good linearity. I have tested it - is good. I test it on place, who i have repeatable results. I think home at weekend. Here i have a lot of stations from Austria, Hungaria, and very noisy from Czech republic mixed with etremely strong signals from Bratislava - 5km direct sight to radio tower. So i compare it with my other receivers too (have Hauppauge HVR3000 - this is a PC solution with approximately "classical tuner" inside). Then i can test it with my near 20 years old JVC tower - tuner with super noise and linearity - HiFi, not low cost.

                        The best were to get from PC radio (may be Silabs) a tune voltage as output. So i can made a preamplifier syncron tuned with the input frequency and so get the best noise factor together with good selectivity in regions with strong interfering signals. If NOT, then this linear FM preamplifier will be the second best solution. I give here link to this company to look the parameters and to order it, if needed.

                        But i make other tests too, it is long time who i does self made projects in HF technik - it is time to reminder me.



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                          I didn't really understand much of that, but good luck and keep us posted on how you get on.