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Trivial video issue

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  • Trivial video issue

    I'm using the CrystalBlue skin (not sure if it is the skin or not causing the issue) and when I open the video player I get a green "-16:9" or "-4:3" on the top left corner of the screen. It goes away after a few second but comes back again every time I touch the screen or after the control dissappear.

    I tried playing with WMPC settings, tried using the built in player, tried changing some codec settings (K-lite codec pack) to no avail. Anyone else had this problem?

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      Do you by chance have a mouse or trackball hooked to the system? Sometimes road vibration is enough to move the mouse enough to trigger the controls to come back up....
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        hey mate, thanks for the response. i'm not fussed about the controls coming up/dissappearing. I just wanna get rid of the bright green "-16:9" or "-4:3" that comes up every time.


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          The only way to disable that green text ("16:9"/etc) is to set nozoom=true in RR.INI -- this will DISABLE the zoom feature (which is that green text showing you the aspect ratio that the video is using).
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