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  • ONSHUTDOWN event request


    I use winamp with ASIO. Windows can not shutdown if winamp is playing music. It seems that ASIO driver block the shutdown process. I tried pause the music first, then windows can shutdown smoothly. So I am looking forward someting like ONSHUTDOWN event. The PAUSE cmd code can be added on that event.

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    Please let us know HOW you're shutting down ... RR menu/option/command ? Power Button ? Windows application ? Start Menu ?
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      I use a DC-DC power controller. When I stop the car, the contoller will shutdown the PC after 30s. I think it is the same thing as power button.

      I use the windows shutdown in start menu, got the same problem.

      Not try power off command from RR, will test it later


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        read my other post... nix asio (if wdm drivers avail)

        "Did you test it in carwings??"

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