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    My plugin use the TTS of microsoft speech sdk 5.1. Since I must use ASIO in order to get the SPDIF output of EMU0404 USB, I lost the voice. Not sure if speech sdk support ASIO. An alternative way is to play a wave file using winamp. My questions:

    1) Does "PLAYSOUND" command invoke winamp to play the sound since I have installed asio plugin for winamp? if not, does PLAYSOUND support ASIO directly?

    2) If two threads call PLAYSOUND at same time to play different wave file, can I hear the mixed sound?

    3) If the PLAYSOUND is called many times, the latter commands will be queued? I need a non-queue mode which means the playsound just finished if a wave is playing.

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    1) Playsound uses window api calls

    2) It wont matter how many threads of you PI would call the cmd as they all end up at RR front door and would be played in the order received.

    3) Yes, if RR is processing a cmd at the time it receives any other, its placed in a que and processed one at time after its done with the current one.
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