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D-Link USB Radio only plays for 3 seconds

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  • D-Link USB Radio only plays for 3 seconds

    Hi all

    Having an issue with my d-link usb radio using carwings dynamic light in ride runner. The radio function will only play for 3 seconds. If I click anything on screen that's a button, ie, preset, volume, mixer.., it'll play for another 3 seconds and so on.

    When I use the software that came with the usb radio, no issues at all.

    I've searched, but can't seem to find anything that would point me in the right direction.

    Ride Runner version is from October
    Winamp is latest in classic skin
    The driver for the radio is the latest one, v6
    Running on XP SP3

    So.... any ideas how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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    odd issue. I know that there are different dlink drivers, and that they behave differemtly. I am attaching two different drivers for you to try.
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      thanks for your response guino
      tried both those drivers, exact same issue on both of them.

      i'd imaged the drive before installing any of the drivers, so restored the drive before trying the next one, just to ensure no cross contamination of driver files.

      had a look at settings, all seemed ok, then noticed that under rrconfig radio section, the line in plugin option was set to
      under winamp, it mentioned to use linein:// for line in, so changed it to
      et voilą, it works!