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Summarize FB Gauges in RR

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  • Summarize FB Gauges in RR

    Let me just see if I understand correctly how this works.

    First, I should say that what I want to do is make a set of custom gauges that live with the main menu buttons (I.E. not on a special "gauges" embedded screen). This is pretty much what Batman did last year. I could track his learning progress here but there were not a lot of details posted. So I'm running Ride Runner currently with the Simplistique skin (but anticipate modifying it a bit to fit my gauges) and I intend to buy the Fusion Brain (FB).

    Is it just a matter of using the RRFusion plugin and then the FB outputs just appear in RR as variables? Then I can use those variables as input to Flash scripts like these?

    Sorry if this is too basic but I just want to understand the fundamentals. I'm totally new to RR, FB, Flash, and even Windows (I'm a programmer by profession, just not in these areas).

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    You seem to have the right idea.. from flash you'd be executing the command fscommand("GETLABEL;ANALOG0RAW") and you'll have the flash variable ANALOG0RAW set in flash for you to use however you want..
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