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  • multiple GPS applications

    I have 3 GPS apps, and want to share one receiver between them. Can this be done?

    What I want to be able to do is this:

    1) speed, heading, elevation, lat & lon displayed in the skin.
    2) Mapfactor Navigator 9.
    3) Memory Map 5.

    all of these work on thier own within RR, but the first one to grab the com port won't let it go for the other apps.

    Is this what the GPSServe option in the config is for? if so, how do I set it up?

    I've had a search on the forum, but cant find anything.

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    Xport is what you are looking for. It will take one GPS receiver, and share it on multiple com ports.


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      Will give it a try tomorrow, looks like it will do the job a treat. Don't suppose you know if it will work wit a usb gps receiver? I have both anyway, but the usb is built into the laptop.




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        As long as they are NMEA compliant, most USB GPS receivers should create a virtual serial port (you may need to download software from the GPS maker though). You just need to select this virtual port as the source port for Xport. Usually it will be on COM3 or higer.


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          I have an el' cheapo usb gps and it works great with xport!


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            GpsGate ( is a popular alternative to Xport. GpsGate is not free though. Xport is.

            In GpsGate we trust


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              Xport works a treat!!

              I now have speed, heading, Lat & Lon displayed in the skin, can run Navigator 9, and Memory Map all at the same time! Thanks for the help.

              One thing I did find out, dont know if this is unique to the GPS I'm using. One of the virtual serial ports needs to be read/write capable (i used com1), or the GPS won't lock. It doesn't seem to matter which app is connected to that virtual port, or even if it is running.

              Thanks for the help guys.