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What does RR do when embedding an application

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  • What does RR do when embedding an application

    A couple of questions on RR and embedding:

    1. Does RR "scale" the target application window when it embeds the named application into the "Axx" area?

    2. If it does, what attributes must the target window have to be scaled?

    I've written a small application that, in order to embed properly, the apps window size apparently must match or be smaller than the "Axx" size. Must this be the case?


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    #1 & 2
    If the application allows the window to be resized then yes, otherwise RR will just position the top left of the app window to your top left most starting pos def in the "A" line.

    If its not embedding:
    #1 You either don't have the correct window title specified when loading that screen
    #2 The form/window sizing/style property is set to not allow it to be resized
    #3 If above two don't fix it then you might need to give more details, eg what lang app is written in, ect.
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      I am using AutoIt scripting to create the window. AutoIt provides a GUICreate function that provides for the same parameters and styles that the Windows API provides.

      Specifically, what styles should I use to allow sizing when creating the window?

      I already have WS_MINIMIZEBOX, WS_MAXIMIXEBOX, and WS_SIZEBOX. Do I need others?

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        What do we do if the window title changes? Im trying to embed an explorer window and it un-embeds.
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