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Downloading RR from NISU Alternative?

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  • Downloading RR from NISU Alternative?

    First before anybody says search or read he FAQ, I have done both

    I haven't been able to devine the secret combination of links and logins in order to actually dowload the latest version of RR and now my installed version is giving me the reminder screen.

    I have dropped my internet explorer to the least secure settings, enabled session cookies, enabled 3rd party cookies, and enabled SSL 2 and 3. With no change in results.

    I can occassionally get logged in to the point it says welcome back Ron if I'm persistent. I have gotten to the point of clicking the "check out" button several times but then always go back to the log in screen again, and again, and again.... I never get as far as being able to click I agree or download.

    Is there somewhere else I can get the latest version?
    Is there some magic I've overlooked to get the site to cooperate?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Did u see this one:
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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      Been there; Done that.

      I received a response from the site administrator to try shutting off my anti-virus. I'll give that a try.

      Thanks for replying,



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        I was finally able to download RideRunner. The problem appears to be within my network at work, probably the firewall. I connected using a Sprint broadband card and was able to download the software. I'll check the firewall settings and see if I have something set too strictly.



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          I have the same problem.
          I even installed a fresh install of XP with out any other software.
          Log on to the internet and still the same.
          I can however download it with my pc at work.
          There must be something else


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            I cannot download it from college, only from home or work. I believe the reason is that college uses a constantly changing IP address. This would mess up a poorly designed site's login protocol, like Nisu. The only thing you can do is download from something closer to T1 (which I have at the office). Sorry!


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              Changing IP

              As stated above i could successfully download after having a internet conection which did not change IP's. I think guino's Nisu automotive site recognize and keep you logged in based on IP