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Anyway to Resume browser location too?

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  • Anyway to Resume browser location too?

    My first post in a long time. Had a HD crash, so I have been forced to leave FP and get with a modern FrontEnd. I'm liking RR, but am working to get it worn in for me (skin additions, etc.) Anyway, here is the first of likely a few questions.

    I'm pretty found of the Resume. Thats something FP didn't do well. It would remember the song you were on, but the player no longer had scope, so Next Track and Previous Track wouldn't work. RR's Player doesn't have that problem, as the Player remembers location and Next/Previous work. However, I have alot of Audio in deep nests.

    Is there anyway for the Browser to remember resume location also?

    I'm using DFX 4 with RRMedia.


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    Nevermind.... I saw it a hundred times, but totally missed the whole "Remember last browsed location." Doh


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      Welcome to RR side of the forums You sound like you pretty much know what you are doing, but if there are any questions, I am sure some many of us will be glad to get you up to speed.

      I HIGHLY recommend using RRMedia, and scanning your library. It comes with DFX4. It will give you the features for browsing your music and things you are used to with FP, and then a LOT more. It will scan your music (by the ID3 Tags) into a database and you can browse by artist, genre ect, no matter what your folder structure is.
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        Hey John...

        Yea, I am using RRMedia with your skin (albeit in the process of modifying). I was curious. With the RRMedia's extension of the RR capabilities, would it be possible to do this....

        In a nutshell, could it be made to jump to the next peer folder/album once all tracks in the current folder/album are played?



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          I think you can do something very similar to this, if not exactly what you want.

          First point to a "upper level" directory that you want to play everything in, select it in the browser, and press "Sel to disk". This will add everything in that folder, in order of subfolders to that virtual disk. Then you can select another "upper level directory" and choose select to disk, choose the same disk. This will append all of those songs in order of subfolders as well. You can do this with as many upper level folders that you want to.

          this is only one of the ten disks, you can use upper level "Hard Rock" directories for one disk, upper level "Pop" for another and so forth. Then getting to the music you want is as simple as selecting a disk to play. When you change disks, it will remember the position and song that was playing on that disk when you return to it. This way it will not play the first song, and that order every time you go to a disk. You can always select the "restart disk" button if you do want to start playing at the first song again.
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            I have just added support in RRMedia to allow it to continue right where you were when RR is started backup
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