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Speedfan voltages and temperatures labels.

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  • Speedfan voltages and temperatures labels.

    I'm using SpeedFan inside my skin to display voltages and temperatures. As I have seen on others skin, to display voltages inside RR, are used some labels as follows:

    +12V label "SFV6"
    +5 label "SFV4"

    and so on....

    I would like to know, where I can find the list of the labels to be used in the skin relelvant to SpeedFan paramenters. I searched around in the forum and in the docs, but with no success.

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    I don't believe there's anything like that. I'm pretty sure that SpeedFan will return different information depending on the hardware. If my CPU temperature is on SFT1 on another machine the same information could be on SFT2 .. I don't believe there's any kind of hard coded list of what is going to be showing up where... not with SpeedFan and not with MBM. Basically each user has to play with the values SFTX, SFVX and SFFX to see what they get for their hardware.
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