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  • Custom Sirius Device Compatibility

    I have figured out how to control my Dodge Charger's built in Sirius device by using a usb to can bus adapter. I am attempting to write a skin for it. A while back I had tried to get the channel art to change whenever I clicked on things, but it just didn't work. I couldn't get the art to change right. I would have liked to be able to update the built in RideRunner variables so that I can get the channel art and info working without having to change or add too much. Is that possible?
    I have written a RR plugin in .Net that interfaces with the CAN bus of the car. I have also created my own variables for the Sirius controls. I was hoping that I could just set those variables like TRACKNAME and TRACKNUMBER and TAGARTIST, etc to the right values, but that doesn't seem to work... maybe i'm doing something wrong...

    I realize I'm doing something that maybe wasn't intended to be done... but it would be nice if I could implement something better than what I have...


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    You CAN indeed override the TRACKNAME/TAGARTIST etc from extension plugins -- you should set ReturnLabel with your data then CLEAR the LBL code variable so RR (and other plugins) no longer process that label code, something like:

        Select Case LCase(LBL)
            Case "tagartist"
                    ReturnLabel = "My Artist"
                    LBL = ""
            Case ...
    You can do the same kind of thing with the album art -- there's an embedded album art plugin for mp3 files (mp3art) which does just that -- should also have the sources posted.
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      Thanks a bunch...

      I had written this plugin a long time ago, and I don't think there was much documentation about how to write a plugin... It was actually a separate app that I figured out how to issue commands and query variables... nothing about the indicators....

      I've spent the last nights rewriting my software using the example code. It works much better now.

      Thanks again!