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skin switching on booting

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  • skin switching on booting

    as always its probably something obvious

    when RR starts it starts in the night time skin, then about half a sec later as i guess it gets the time off the gps it flicks to the daytime skin.

    this isnt in itself a problem, but if the gps craps out which it does in the middle of summer cause it overheats, or if it hasnt locked on to any sats, it stays in the night skin dimmed.

    so what i want is to set the default start skin to be my daytime skin, not the night skin like it seems to want to be

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    IIRC RR always remembers which the last skin was when exiting. Exit RR with day skin showing and the next time RR starts with the day skin.

    I wouldn't use GPS time for switching between day and night skin, but a fixed time. Then you won't have to worry about gps.


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      i tried the manual time set and its fine for a week or 3 then its wrong in relation to sunset.

      winter its dark at 5:30 and summer its closer to 9:30. the gps switching works fine for sunset / rise switching.

      is there a way to get RR to always start with the day skin, not the last used in that case, tho i think it always starts with the night skin anyway for some reason.


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        Check for startcommand in rr.ini


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          ahh thats not there, so ill try that cheers