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Help with riderunner and elite lite skin

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  • Help with riderunner and elite lite skin

    Not sure if this has anything to do with the elite lite skin or not. I have 2 gb of ram and 1.3 processor.

    Here is my problem. My system has started freezing when trying to listen to mp3 and have iguidance running at the same time. Can not figure out why this is happening. I have to manually restart the computer. The music and iguidance will work fine for a few mins then just freeze. Any ideas whats causing this?

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    We're going to need a lot more info before we can help. What OS are you on? Is it a hard freeze or can you Ctrl-Alt-Del out? What audio player are you using? Have you tried a different skin to see if it happens with that? The more info, the better my friend.
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      windows xp, windows media player, can't use ctrl alt del, haven't tried a different skin...
      what other information can i provide to help you help me?


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        Now everything is freezing as soon as ride runner loads. I have to restart the computer by the power button. ctl alt del doesn't do anything. These issues just started after my ride runner update from January and the one from this month didn't help either might even be worse.


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          Where can i download the last version of ride runner from 09 to see if that fixes my issues?


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            When it freezes, does CTRL+ALT+DEL works ? if not, then it's a HARDWARE issue (likely CPU overheat, memory or motherboard problems). If CTRL+ALT+DEL works, then it can still be a memory or motherboard issue, just less of a chance.

            I highly recommend the following test: Open Windows Media Player by itself, start playback of a mp3 file then open iGuidance manually and leave it running for a few minutes -- if the freezes then you have pretty much 100% confirmation it's a CPU overheat or a memory/motherboard issue (or at least know it's hardware related).
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              ok i will do your test. I know the cpu is not overheating because it is 21 degrees F outside. I hope its not the motherboard or ram. The ram was bought new when system was build a few months back so it is under warrenty. Motherboard on the other hand was bought used but has given me no problems till now. Thanks for the help