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Moving from Streedeck2 to Ride Runner

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  • Moving from Streedeck2 to Ride Runner

    Hey guys. I just finished building my first carputer since 2005 (just got a new car) and things have changed dramatically since then. Back then, Road Runner was some vodoo software where you had to sacrifice a chicken to get it to run correctly. I went with Streetdeck for its simple setup and good graphics.

    Of course you all know that Streetdeck is on it's last leg and Ride Runner has exploded into a very viable frontend. I am going through all of the tutorials on installation and started downloading everything needed to get it running.

    I do have a few questions.

    1. I have a copy of MapPoint 2010 and was wondering which skin would be compatible. I love the look of Elite lite, is there a way to use MapPoint 2010 into that skin?

    2. I have a XM direct module that is connected to a serial to USB port converter. It works great with Streetdeck, but do I need to use Xport to get this running in RR?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Welcome to the other side I can't help with the Map Point question really, but I can tell you with the XM radio, you do not need Xport. That is only for using a single GPS puck for more than one application.
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      Hey John, thanks for the advice. I was able to get XM radio working with RR after adjusting some windows mic settings. One thing I did enjoy on Streetdeck2 was being able to see 6 or 7 XM presets and what song was playing on each at a glance. I haven't found a skin for RideRunner that has that look yet.

      I still need advice on Mappoint.



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        tmproff, the defualt carwing skin, does xm quite well
        you can make ur own favorite list, and put in the channels you want

        if like me, on xm, i really only like 5 channels

        then u can toggle from fav list to full

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          There is a number of skins that supports mappoint. If you choose a skin that does not support mappoint, you can basically copy the mappoint files from one skin that supports it into the one you want to use it with (i.e. from BMV2) -- this will allow you to use mappoint entirely, but it just won't have the same "look" on those screens.

          Regarding XM, again there are ways to make favorite lists for XM and have just the channels you want displayed in the screen showing what's playing (the BMV2 skin has that feature) -- which I also think is a great feature, you can probably do some minor editing on the skin to get your favorites showing.
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            Thanks for all of the replies. I have been switching from carwings to eLite the last few days, and I love the look of eLite, but the selections are too small to push while driving down the road (Kinda dangerous in my opinion). The Carwings uses a larger font which is nice and easier to read so I used it on my commute to work today.

            I did get the favorites window working which helps but I still miss the display of StreetDeck where it shows the channel and underneath (in a smaller font) shows the artist and song. When you have 5 or 6 favorites set up, its easy to see which channel is showing a commercial or a song you would like to hear. On Carwings /eLite, it's difficult to see these choices.

            I'm going to download BMV2 this afternoon and see how it works for me. It looks like I am going to have to start reading up on the skin editor and create my own skin to get the options I want