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    I just reach out to this area, in an effort to learn the software and the skin, I also see information about computer operating systems, the use of surveys at the same time, I also see a lot of friends in the use of the latest WIN7 system.

    However, here is a lot of software and plug-ins as well as the skin only support the old operating system, I think, the future, as the popularity of WIN7 will be more friends to use it. In particular, it features excellent touch.

    I have a primary idea is to consider adding a WIN7 sections, some modified, or tested for the WIN7 discussions on the inside, or can be put up for WIN7 modification, as well as experience.

    This can reduce the problems brought about a lot of operating systems, giving more friends convenient and fun.
    All the distinguished predecessors:
    I am a beginner, English is poor, may be the future I can to create the skin, it is because of your help, thank you.
    My computer is viliv x70ex ,windows 7.