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Keep Road Runner on top Dial-up Networking windows

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  • Keep Road Runner on top Dial-up Networking windows

    Does anyone know how to keep RoadRunner to always be on top of other windows. I am using the native dial up networking in Windows (7) and it keeps popping up on top of RoadRunner...

    Any Ideas?
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    If you're connecting using a command in RR's skin (using rasdial) you can use RUNQ so that it is launched and runs hidden on the background. Other than that, you can use the GETFOCUS command to focus RR whenever you want RR to go on focus. There's a SETTOPMOST command in RR but it may be difficult to make it work with RR itself, there's no other command in RR to do anything like that (but it should also be possible to make the RR screen top most from a plugin and/or outside application).
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      Thanks for the reply. I'll check those out
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