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Music Database... Driving me crazy please help!!

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  • Music Database... Driving me crazy please help!!

    Hey guys,
    Roadrunner is killing me right now... heres my problem

    How can i make it so that my music is sorted by artist and albums and not just one HUGE playlist. Its literally driving me nuts and it will not let me make a music database. I click it and it does nothing. Please help I'm going nuts!

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    You can do one of those:

    1-Organize your music by folders such as: Genre\Artist\Album\ or just Genre\Artist\ -- then when you go to Browse you can list individual albums/artist or genre. This is MY recommendation for storing music.

    2-You can use the Winamp library (if you use Winamp), then just browse by genre/artist/album and or search the library database when you want. Just configure the winamp library to scan your songs when and where you'd like it to do it, or just do a manual scan whenever you add/remove songs to your machine. More info is here (Library Search):

    3-You can use RRMedia along with a skin that uses it (i.e. DFX). You'll have to take a look at RRMedia's settings and requirements (if any).
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