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  • Winamp crashing

    I'm having an issue in RideRunner where Winamp is crashing at random song changes. What happens is I'll be listening to a song, and upon changing songs (either clicking next, or the current song ending), Winamp will sometimes just crash - it will show the dialog box on top of RR and I hit Close on the crash dialog box. RR doesn't crash and it stays open just fine (of course no more music), so I have to close and reopen RR, and I can hear music again.

    Messing around with this I can't find any reason for this, but I have noted these things:

    - The songs these happen on are completely random: I've seen it happen on a playlist load (where it tries to play the first song), I've seen it go through 5 songs, I've seen it go through an entire playlist without it doing it. It's just random.

    - Only time is during a song switch, never while a song is playing. (I don't know if hitting the previous button can cause it - I suspect it would)

    - If I exit RR, and just load up Winamp and play songs and hit the Next button in Winamp, I cannot get Winamp to crash at all. I've even tried to get it to crash by doing silly things like hit the Next button really fast... nothing. So it seems to only happen through the RR interface.

    - This "seemed" to have started around RideRunner Sept or Oct 2009, but that's just a guess. It's definitely been happening with every version since then that I've started to note. However, I was mainly streaming net radio 99% of the time and not my MP3s so this statement won't count for much. On that note, I never had any issue with Winamp crashing listening to net radio.

    Up until January I was running the following:

    Windows XP 32-bit SP3 (full install, no custom lite image or anything of the sort)
    Riderunner Jan 2010
    DFX 4.0
    Winamp 5.56 & later 5.57 to see if 5.57 would fix the crashes (it didn't)

    (PC Hardware specs are in my profile if you need those)

    I thought maybe the skin was causing it in some way. I had wanted to go to Windows 7, so instead of troubleshooting this more, I figured I would just blow XP away, install Windows 7 and have a nice fresh install and the problem would probably just go away.


    Now I'm on Windows 7 64-bit (fresh install, no upgrade)
    Installed Riderunning Feb 2010.
    Using default Carwings Dynamic skin.
    Winamp 5.572

    And much to my surprise, I'm STILL getting the Winamp crashes so that ruled out something skin-related. I really thought blowing away my old install would have fixed this issue. Winamp settings have not been messed around with other than the default settings when it's installed. No other Winamp plugins are being used.

    I'm attaching the debug log but looking through it I don't see anything of use. Remember, RR doesn't crash, only Winamp does with RR still running. So what I did was as soon as a crash occured, I immediately exited RR and grabbed the log. The log is dated back in Feb 2010.

    I've just recently upgraded to RR March 2010 - still crashing. Still posting Feb's log because I don't think anything would have changed in the log since updating to March. If you really want a log using Mar 2010, I'll get it but I doubt it will be any more useful than what's in this log.
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    This is very odd. Do you use the "read metadata on load" option in Winamp ? The only times I've seen winamp crash was because of some plugin... so even if it came with Winamp and even if you're not using it at all, it may be doing stuff on the background -- so I HIGHLY suggest you go through the winamp plugins and remove as much as as you can. I would also try switching the output plugin between directsound and waveout to see if it makes any difference. Short of the above I would have assumed it could be a driver issue, but since you switched from XP to Win7 (and obviously are using different drivers) I would doubt this is the issue.

    Maybe you want to load some GPS application or some video encoding software and let it run while you play music in winamp and see if you have winamp issues like that -- if the Higher CPU and/or Memory usage cause the problem, this could be a hardware issue.
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