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What USB TV/FM tuner to use?

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  • What USB TV/FM tuner to use?

    Hi, Im new to this forum and to the CarPC world.
    A question popped into my head, what kind of USB TV/FM tuner can I use with RR.
    I have been searching the forum for info for a few hours and the only info I got was, that people with this question are usually pointed to a thread from the year 2006. Has the radio part in RR really "stayed behind"? Or are the programs that the "old" thread points to (Radiator, WinTV) still working with the newer USB TV/FM tuners?
    If so then could someone kindly point me to some combatibility list? (for Radiator?) The list on its website seems to only have "old" tuners, and the website also seems to be outdated (last update sometime in the year 2003) Or have I stumbled on the wrong site :
    Or give some info on which Hauppauge TV tuners have FM capability?

    Thanks ahead

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    This depends on WHERE you live.


    For the U.S. I highly recommend HD radio (Directed or Visteon using Mitch's board) -- this is what most people use and what most people suggest.

    If you don't want to spend that much, then second best I would highly suggest the Silabs USB FM tuner. Very small, simple, much cheaper and still has RDS support.

    Radiator Support has been removed following from trends on this poll (which lists the current support):

    I would try to stay away from WinTV for radio. The current implementation is made to work with this application: but I have reports that the seek function is not working entirely as expected. In any case, if the card works with this application it should work (for the most part) with RR.

    FOR TV

    US: I have not heard good things about any ATSC (HDTV) tuner for in-car use.

    Europe: I would suggest a Diversity Tuner like Cinergy USB Diversity stick -- I doubt anything else will have better reception while moving.

    If you live in Europe, you may be able to listen to digital radio with the TV (DVB) card as well (they're just a TV channel with audio only).

    You may have to embed the manufacturers application for digital TV, or try to use the Winamp TV plugin (which may work for a lot of cards).

    For Analog TV you can pretty much use any card and use the Winamp TV plugin.
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      Thanks for the info guino, I'm a noob myself but will figure it out in due time...perhaps with a helpful point in the right direction.

      For HD radio, you mention Directed / Visteon, but what about the JVC KT-HDP1? It's roughly $50 cheaper and if you just need an FM HD decoder, I'm not 100% sure of the difference. I am looking to hook it as a line in to an external sound card. Do any of the solutions give the car PC the ability to pick the station, or do you still need a second display for FM station?

      For HD TV, you mention you haven't heard good things about in-car use. Is that because of the car environment in particular, or they're just all kind of junky? Is one less worse than the others?


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        I don't suppose there's a cheap USB radio tuner that does both HD AND DAB? Being close to the border, I'm thinking I could probably pick up a bunch of HD radio channels, but we only get DAB Canadian broadcasts...

        Also, is there any such thing as a good AND cheap USB non-digital FM tuner? There's a bunch of eBay ones for <$30. I know you get what you pay for, but does anyone have experience with the cheap usb fm tuners?


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          i've looked/searched a lot on the tv tuner subject. Most info is dated pre 2006 and I'm pretty sure that's because the new US tv standards have made mobile tv watching very difficult.

          If you read the reviews of the usb tuners on newegg (even the expensive ones) you will see a lot of people complain about reception even just sitting at their desk, so I can imagine how poor it would be while traveling at 70 mph. I decided to save my money. Just my .02
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            My Radio World

            Try MyRadioWorld. Here's the link: