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    In the (DFX4.0) there is a setlabel command to '!InetRadio'.
    I want to use that specific label OUTSIDE that specific skin but that won't work this way because when I call the label it isn't (ofcourse) recognized in the other skinfiles.

    Now I'm trying to make a global variable of the current label with the setvar command but it don't seems to work. I'm trying to call the variable directly in the target skin.

    Is this even possible, and if yes, how can I make a global var of the label !InetRadio?

    Also can I write the current label to a file and read that file (.txt) in the target skin.

    I can already write the current label to disk with this command which I put in the line with the EXIT command to the file.


    For this to work and to output the right label I have to add this line to each radiobutton configured in the file: (which is not a very efficient way)


    What is the command to READ the content of this .txt file??

    What seems to be the best method?


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    You should track down what is executing the SETLABEL command (looking at debug.txt) -- hopefully you can make it also be used to set a variable. I don't believe there's a way to read BACK a label set with setlabel.
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      I don't believe there's a way to read BACK a label set with setlabel.
      Correct, found that little bugger when I first started working on RRMedia. That should have been something in the cmd docs. Being able to set a custom label and not being able to read it latter is/was completely illogical to me.
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        Pity, I just can't get it to work.
        I can make a variable from the label with the setvar command but am not able to read it, I only can write the correct string to a .txt file and that's about it.

        All tries to read either the setvar command or the .txt file with all sorts of possible commands gave me either wrong strings or just empty strings.

        Ah well, will give it some rest... maybe give it a try another time.